‘Tomb Raider 2’ has been updated by a YouTuber.

The classic 1997 game has been given a fresh look via a 3D side-scroller as part of the ‘Tomb Raider 1-111 Remastered Trilogy’ by a YouTube use known as Delca.

Delca has given a fresh look to classic locations like Croft Manor, the Great Wall of China and Venice as side-scrolling levels. Due to the formatting, Lara is only able to be moved forwards or backwards.

The sequel title was first released back in 1997 and saw Lara go on a quest for the Dagger of Xian that involves the Great Wall of China, the grand Opera House in Venice, an offshore oil rig, a huge shipwreck and the snow-packed mountains of Tibet.

The follow-up game to the 1996 original gave Lara more action to come up against as she faced off against an increased number of human enemies and boasted an increased array of weapons.

The iconic character has been brought to the big screen by actresses such as Angelina Jolie, 48, and Alicia Vikander, 35, who called getting to play the role in the 2018 film the realisation of a “childhood dream”.

Alicia - who was keen to be involved in the proposed sequel before it was delayed by COVID-19 - told Variety: "To portray an action character was awesome, and beyond what I ever thought I would do. I think the physical part is something that I really enjoyed."

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