This Titanfall-inspired mini-game in Minecraft has us saying, "Standby for Ironfall!"

YouTuber BrenyBeast has uploaded a gameplay video of a mini-game in Minecraft called Ironfall. This mini-game was inspired by the first-person shooter with mechs, Titanfall, and is a fairly faithful recreation of the game. It seems as if Minecraft is just slowly assimilating all aspects of the real world and making blocky forms of them.

The stage we see in the video is a recreation of the "Rise" map in Titanfall and is very accurate to the source material. Players run around as "Pilots" and can call in their Titans after a while. In Ironfall, the mechanical, bipedal tanks known as Titans are replaced with Iron Golems, which act as serviceable mechs in the Minecraft world. The objective is for you team to reach a score of 100 and bury the opposition.

Watch the video above and check out server IP "" to explore Ironfall in all its glory.