Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, plans to speak at Microsoft's Windows 10 event next month about his company and Windows-based gaming.

Polygon reports that Microsoft will be bringing gaming to the main stage of its big Windows 10 event in late January at its main campus in Redmond, WA. A recent Tweet by Xbox head Phil Spencer indicates that he'll be present at the event to talk about gaming with this new version of Windows. It is expected that Spencer might be there to talk about bringing Xbox's features and games over to Windows-based PCs and smart devices.

In a world where Apple is dominating the smartphone scene that Microsoft isn't close to topping with its line of Windows Phones, you better expect that the Big M will focus on Windows' domination of computer gaming on the PC format compared to most Mac computers. It'd be pretty nice if cross-buying came out between the Xbox One and Windows 10-based PCs for digital titles, wouldn't it? With Valve's Steam currently dominating the digital distribution of PC titles, we have our fingers crossed for an impressive showing by Xbox at this event.