Xbox's president Sarah Bond is said to have revealed the company's plans to boost cross-platform support.

Microsoft is expected to announce their console's future in 'The Official Xbox Podcast' later today (15.02.24) and there is believed to have been internal confirmation that exclusive titles will become available on PlayStation and PC.

According to Inverse, Sarah took to the stage at a recent town hall meeting and said: "Every screen is an Xbox."

The publication also reported that Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer confirmed there would be "future hardware" for Xbox as well as emphasising that another 'Call of Duty' installment was set to be released in October.

Industry insider Nick Baker had previously claimed the Microsoft Surface team would be designing the next generation of console, instead of Jason Ronald - Microsoft’s VP of Xbox gaming devices and ecosystem - who was behind the Series X|S.

During an appearance on 'The Xbox Era Podcast', he said: "I heard that Jason Ronald isn’t leading on the next Xbox and the Surface team are doing it.

"As much as I like Jason Ronald, I’d be hypocritical if I displayed outrage at that, I’ve [always said] ‘let the Surface team make Xbox hardware.’"

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