A new WWE app has launched on the Xbox 360 just in time to allow you to watch WrestleMania 29 directly on your console.

Starting this weekend, all WWE pay-per-views will be able to be ordered on the Xbox 360. With this move, the WWE joins the UFC as the first two PPV sports programming apps on the Xbox 360.

There's no indication yet as to whether or not any other WWE content will be coming to the app, but it does seem likely. The UFC app allows you to watch classic matches on demand for a nominal fee, so seeing the WWE follow suit makes sense.

The PPVs will still cost the same price as if you were purchasing them through your cable provider, but having more options is certainly a good thing. Microsoft has been building up plenty of streaming entertainment options on the Xbox 360, and with MLB, NBA, NHL, UFC, and now WWE, there's almost certainly something for each and every sports fan.