We've already met these two races from WildStar's Dominion faction, but Carbine Studios and NCsoft has let loose with more screenshots featuring these proud peoples in action.

The Mechari, if you remember, were sentient machines created by the Eldan and make up a fourth of the might Dominion faction that has de facto rule over the planet Nexus. Along with the Draken, they are formidable opponents that boast technological strength and battle prowess.

The Draken were only added to the ranks of the Dominion after their planet of Mikros was invaded. It was only through that show of force and violence that the Draken were convinced that they should join the faction, since they relish battles. If you looked up the word "warmonger" in an intergalactic dictionary, you'd see these guys. The planet of Nexus excites them because of all the exotic creatures they can hunt and the prospect of war with the Exiles. This is a group of people that are always showing their war faces.

Check out the screenshots below and let us know what you think of the might Mechari and the savage Draken!