Sega is one of the best software publishers, and they're continuously churning out great games. (We won't count the new Zaxxon.) Now they've teased another new game featuring that familiar blue hedgehog.

On Sega's blog, they simply wrote, "New Sonic Jump coming to mobile soon!" and that's it. No information on the title other than the image you see above.

There was a Sonic Jump Java game for mobile phones a couple of years ago, so maybe they're just porting the title over to current smartphones. In the older Sonic Jump game, Sonic had to keep jumping up from platform to platform in order to reach the top. It featured 18 levels over six different zones. Of course Dr. Eggman was the main bad guy in the game.

We'll keep you updated if this is a port of the older Sonic Jump game or an all new Sonic Jump. What do you think it is?