As kids, we loved going to the arcades to spend our money on the latest and greatest games. Every week was exciting because there could be something new in the arcade we had never seen before. If you've ever wondered how these machines were actually put together, then you'll love this behind-the-scenes video.

Our friends over at Arcade Hunters tweeted this awesome video of Bally/Midway employees putting together hundreds of Ms. Pac-Man machines. If you think building an arcade machine was simple, think again. Granted, it's not as complex as building a pinball machine, but it's still a very detailed and long process.

The video is from 1982 and shows how big the Bally/Midway factory was. 115,000 Ms. Pac-Man units were sold back in the day, and it continues to be just as popular a machine now as it was back then.

Check out the video below. Oh, arcades. How we miss thee.

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