Looks can definitely be deceiving, and what you see as a cute rendering of Mario on a wall is something entirely different. Thanks to a whole bunch of post-it notes and stop motion photography, a loving and painstaking homage to video games ensues.

The video main features Ms. Pac-Man and Mario doing what they do best in their respective universe.  The footage required the use of 4800 post-it notes and 5,722 still images.

Give credit to the video's creator, Michael Birken, who also goes by Meatfighter.com, for the diligence required to actually accomplish this feat. That is, however, if the clip is actually authentic.

On his YouTube channel, Birken added that the process consumed him for, "weekends and holidays for the past 11 months." We'll give him the benefit of the doubt, since any person who engages in stop motion photography must posses a boatload of patience.

Judge for yourself if this video is the real deal and feel free to comment below!

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