A brand new single-player campaign is about hit the world of Watch Dogs, following the exploits of the bearded hacker T-Bone, and from the looks of things he's still getting himself into trouble with the fixers.

The new campaign is called "Bad Blood" and centers around T-Bone trying to help a friend who apparently has angered someone enough to want him dead. The launch trailer for the campaign shows a few new locations that we'll be exploring, including a tanker ship docked at harbor and a spooky mansion that looks an awful lot like that one in Raccoon City.

The DLC will also provide a few new toys to play with, including an exploding RC car that can be strategically driven into a group of enemies for some motorized mayhem. It's a good thing we like T-Bone, otherwise this DLC would not appeal to us at all. We also wonder if Aiden Pearce will make an appearance at all in these missions, or if he's too busy trying to protect his family to worry about what T-Bone has going on.

The Bad Blood DLC is available now for those who purchased the Watch Dogs Season Pass and will be available Sept. 30 for the rest of us.