This video contains language that is NSFW.

Move over Trina. This rapping wonder inside the world of Watch Dogs has proven to be 'Da Baddest Fish.'

Polygon has recently posted a video that shows off one of the greatest novelty singing fishes we have ever seen this side of the 'Muddy Mudskipper' show. A little clothing store inside Watch Dogs' high-tech version of Chicago pays tribute to those mechanized, singing fish of the '90s that would attempt to sing famous songs in an attempt to be funny.

Ubisoft turned this notion on its head by allowing Aidan to hack one of these fishes on display and have it start spewing the profane lyrics of a rap song depicting the struggles and hardships about living life as a fish in the ghettos of Chicago. By putting gangster rap into a fish, Ubisoft could be speculating the future of rap music based on its decreasing popularity in mainstream America and eventual fade into obscurity; or they just wanted to show off a fish that raps.