Nintendo's ongoing game of catch-up continues as we finally have a release date for Watch Dogs on the Wii U, which could be the last, noteworthy third-party action game to hit the console.

Ubisoft has finally announced that the habitually delayed Wii U version of Watch Dogs finally has a release date. The Wii U version was originally intended to launch during the holiday season of 2013 with the other versions of Watch Dogs. When the game was pushed back to a May 2014 launch, the Wii U edition's release was postponed without any type of launch window, making many of us think that it was cancelled. Luckily, we're still going to be able to hack through Chicago on our GamePad.

We previously reported that Ubisoft has publicly dismissed the Wii U and announced that its flagship Assassin's Creed series, along with all other M-rated Ubisoft titles, will no longer be coming to the Nintendo console. As third-party support dwindles, it seems that the only hope for success on the Wii U comes from Super Smash Bros. and the next Legend of Zelda title. While these two series are widely popular, will two games be enough to pull the Wii U from out the abyss of its declining sales?

Watch Dogs on the Wii U will launch on Nov. 18.

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