Ubisoft's nine-minute-long walkthrough of Watch Dogs' multiplayer shows us a variety of ingenious ways that it is trying to break the mold of online gameplay.

This in-depth look at Watch Dog's multiplayer focuses on providing a seamless transition from its single-player gameplay, showing how other players can invade your open world and explaining the ways Watch Dog's companion app can be used against you. The multiplayer feature finishes with an elaborate 8v8 match of decryption.

The video shows that you can be minding your own business in Watch Dogs' single-player campaign when, all of a sudden, you find yourself being hacked by an unknown assailant. Ubisoft shows that while you're playing as Aidan, the invading person will be dressed similar to a non-player character. From the player's perspective, he or she is playing as Aidan while you look like a different character. This is done to help promote the seamless integration of merging your single-player campaign with the other person's.

The invader shows up in a hilarious taco van, he parks the vehicle, hides in the backseat of the vehicle and hacks the other character from an inconspicuous location. The player being hacked knows that the hacking must be done from a remote location, so he starts checking all the innocent bystanders in the area. As the hacking's progress still continues and the hacker is yet to be found, the character decides to incite terror by shooting his gun into the sky to scare off all the bystanders and to see who doesn't properly respond -- a person that was hacking you would be reluctant to leave. Once the player realized the hacker is in the taco van, the game turned into a crazy match of cat and mouse across the streets of Chicago as the police were also in pursuit of the person who pulled out a gun amidst a crowd of people.

Watch Dog's companion app allows an outside player to control the various aspects of the city to try and stop another player. This app gives you control of the police cars, helicopters, traffic lights, steam pipes, bridges, etc., and can make things extremely difficult for other players.

The video's 8v8 match of decryption had a group of eight players protecting a person decrypting important data while another group of 8 would try to steal it. This led to an ongoing shootout where both teams would go back and forth trying to secure the data before the other.

Be prepared to hack and blast your way through this futuristic version of Chicago as Watch Dogs debuts on May 27 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Unfortunately, the Wii U version of Watch Dogs has yet to have any definitive launch date announced.