Say hello to the streets of Chi-town in this absolutely beautiful trailer depicting the urban setting of Watch Dogs.

From the upscale business districts to the gritty, urban underworld, this newest trailer for Watch Dogs efficiently captures the vastness of the Second City while letting you fully explore however you see fit. Just from looking at the environments provided in this video, we can't wait to take Aiden Pierce through the streets of this majestic metropolis and just start exploring all of its social nuances.

Every random, non-player character on the streets of Chicago has been developed to have their own mindset. While you can arbitrarily hack into anyone's personal information, whether it be their cellphone or bank account, there will be some form of repercussion for nearly everything that you do. For example, if you continue to be a menace to society, eventually the police will hunt you down in GTA fashion. If you specifically target individual bank accounts and keep things on the down-low, you still might end up facing a group or militia of Chicago natives who have rallied together in order to put a stop to your life of cyber crime.

Be prepared to hack every digital device on the streets of Chicago when Watch Dogs is released on May 27 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Wii U version of Watch Dogs will be available at a later date that, unfortunately, has yet to be announced.


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