Some new details about T-Bone's adventures in the Watch Dogs Bad Blood downloadable content episode have surfaced. Get ready for some swagger.

A post on the Ubiblog gives us a taste of what to expect when we take over as T-Bone in Bad Blood. T-Bone will have a decidedly different feel from Aiden Pearce. Game Designer Aurelien Chiron said, "T-Bone has a rock-n-roll aspect. He makes more jokes, he's wittier than Aiden." This comes through in the tone of the DLC, since T-Bone is fighting for survival, whereas Aiden was fighting for vengeance.

Bad Blood is also supposed to have more stealth and action elements, given that T-Bone totes around an oversized monkey wrench and a taser. Neutralizing enemies with these tools will definitely be a far cry from Aiden's methods. On the hacking side of things, T-Bone has access to Eugene, the weaponizable remote-control car. You can use Eugene to sneak around guards to disable security measures. Your trusty RC will have three upgrades that will give it the ability to stun people, attract people or even to self-destruct.

T-Bone himself will get some upgrades, since Bad Blood comes with its own progression path and 10 new perks that you can unlock by completing Street Sweep missions. There will also be hacking puzzles galore, so it should take you quite some time to roll through the main story and then complete all of the peripheral activities and challenges.

Join T-Bone and Eugene in Chicago when Bad Blood is released on Sept. 30.