More than a dozen new trademarks indicate there may be another Batman video game coming in the Arkham franchise.

Though rumors of a sequel to the massively successful Batman: Arkham City have been making the rounds since that title came out in 2011, developer Rocksteady and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive have remained rather tight-lipped on the subject. Fortunately, in this day and age, it's almost impossible to keep a secret thanks to the easy access trademark and patent sites provide.

According to Fusible, Warner Bros. has reportedly filed fifteen new trademarks through another company with some variation of the Batman and Arkham combination, leading to speculation a third game in the series is on the way. Some of the names may sound familiar if you've been following the potential sequel for some time (Arkham Universe), but others (Arkham Legends, Arkham Origins), stray a bit from the formula.

There's a chance Warner Bros. might not use any of these names at all, or even that these trademarks are for a film adaptation of the games. The last two Batman games were critical and commercial hits, so it would make sense to release another title in the same vein. No matter what the reason, until Warner Bros. or Rocksteady officially announce something, we'll just have to keep hoping this new Batman is for real.