Two new Batman: Arkham Knight figures are on the way from DC Collectibles. After the success DC Collectibles has had with the action figure lines based on previous Arkham games, it's not all that surprising to learn the series will continue beyond those pieces already announced and released this year. It's also not surprising that one of the figures will be a Batman variant to go along with the standard armored version that launched in the first series.

Like the Red Hood figure that came out a month ago, the Battle Damaged Batman will only be available at GameStop. Normally, I'm not a big fan of retailer-exclusive figures, but as this is mostly just a repaint/variant of the figure widely available, it's not all that upsetting. According to Gamespot, the November-shipping figure will include a line launcher and batarang, and 25 points of articulation, for $25. The sculpt, by Gentle Giant, is quite detailed for the scale and size, and the distressing to the suit to replicate the damage done by the Scarecrow's goons gives the Dark Knight some nice weathering.

Spoilers ahead if you haven't yet finished Batman: Arkham Knight.

Now, the second figure is a bit of a surprise. While we've already seen one figure for the Red Hood, it's from his earlier days in the Arkham universe. The new figure features the Red Hood the way he appears towards the conclusion of Arkham Knight. He comes with two pistols and a rifle, which you may already be familiar with if you've played any portion of either the Red Hood DLC or finished the core game. The sculpt is identical to that of the Arkham Knight persona he's adopted through the opening of Arkham Knight, with the exception of the mask now being that familiar bright red helmet.

This version, dubbed Red Hood 1.0, will arrive in February 2016 at all retailers for $25. Now the 1.0 designation doesn't make much sense as it stands, but if this is indeed the 1.0 version, that means the version in the DLC (and that was offered as a figure before) is the second iteration, and that story content takes place after the events of Arkham Knight. It very well could, but why on Earth would Rocksteady release content for a character like the Red Hood at the game's launch if the Red Hood doesn't even exist until after the main story? Additionally, the story in the DLC has Red Hood dealing with the remnants of Black Mask's gang, who doesn't even appear in the main story at all. It's all very confusing if you think too hard about it, so I'll probably just stop.


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DC Collectibles

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