Who want some Wang? After we found out last month that the old 3D Realms shooter Shadow Warrior would be slashing its way to iOS, our craving for Wang definitely started to rise. We mean Lo Wang! The slightly offensive, ass-kicking former bodyguard of an evil Japanese multinational conglomerate. Duh. Get your mind out the gutter, you goober.

Speaking of the gutter, that's where most of the humor comes from in this ridiculous and kitschy title. Though it may seem a bit tame by today's standards, back when it came out in the late 1990s, it caused something of a stir. And based on the new trailer, they haven't taken out any of that old, pixelated violence that had everyone huffing and puffing back then.

According to a post in the Touch Arcade forums, Shadow Warrior has been approved by Apple and will be hitting the App Store this week. Hopefully the touchscreen controls won't suffer from the lack of responsiveness that's present with a lot of these ported games, with muddy directional pads and buttons in awkward positions. But we'll know more when it's ready to download.

For now, check out all the old-school slashing action in the trailer below:

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