Walmart's Cyber Monday 2013 video game deals might seem few in number, but they're offering a number of bundles and packaged deals that might be worth it for newcomers to a system.

Bundles abound at Walmart today, with zero standalone game titles being offered at a discount. Instead, they've chosen to bundle video game systems with one or more video games and accessories. You might be paying a little more, but you'll be saving in the long run. Here are some of the more notable bundles:

  • Nintendo 3DS XL Mario Dream Team Bundle w/ Choice of 2 Games - $199
  • Nintendo 2DS Holiday Bundle w/ Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Choice of Accessory - $119
  • PS3 Holiday Bundle w/ Choice of Controller and Batman: Arkham Origins or LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - $249
  • Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle w/ Xbox 360 Special Edition Camo Wireless Controller and Battlefield 4 or Madden 25 - $229
  • PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Walking Dead Solution Bundle w/ Choice of Game and Accessory - $209
  • Wii U Holiday Bundle w/ Choice of Game and Accessory - $324
So as you can see, the name of the game is "choice." Choose your fate by heading to Walmart's Cyber Monday page.