Wake The Cat may be cute as the day is long, but it's still one of the hardest games to play on the iPad. The difficulty factor doesn't wane with its latest update, which now gives gamers full use of the yard.

The yard was a locked feature when Chillingo released the title earlier this month, but the update gives players 15 new puzzles in which to throw around their ball of yarn.

The object is to wake your kitty with the yarn, but with electric fans, trains, and various other barriers in the way, it takes a little extra brain power and luck to solve each puzzle.

Players who haven't solved enough puzzles in other sections of the house won't have immediate access to the yard. If curiosity kills the cat and you want to unlock the yard sans all the hard work, simply purchase the level for $0.99. Whether it's the playroom, the storeroom, or the yard, Wake The Cat will have your brain spinning, and although I do enjoy playing the game, I've had my fill of electric fans and super charged slippers.