This week's spotlight on violent video games does not start and stop with the actions and words of Vice President Joe Biden. A nationwide survey commissioned by Common Sense Media and the Center for American Progress found that an estimated 89% of parents believe violence in video games is a problem.

Earlier this month 1,050 parents were interviewed for the survey, and they were shown an ad for the video game Hitman: Absolution. Eighty-four percent of the participants said the ad was not suitable to air on television while kids are watching. "Our culture of violence seems to have made it the new normal that parents who take their kids to a movie theater or gather to watch a football game are at risk of exposing them to inappropriate content that is marketing video games or films rated for more mature audience," said Common Sense Media founder and CEO James Steyer in a statement.

All of the parents have a child under 18 who is currently living at home. To qualify for the survey, the participants needed to view video on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Common Sense Media's determination to spotlight this issue continues with their a petition submission to requesting broadcasting companies to stop airing violent video game and movie ads during NBA, NFL, and NCAA games.