Gamers can be a spoiled bunch. We gripe about everything under the sun regarding games, features and characters. We troll message boards and Twitter complaining about this or that. But most of us forget that we are lucky to be able to experience the things we experience, and we take things like being able to just see for granted.

This touching video shows the joy that video games can bring to someone who is practically blind. Jennifer has had an anoxic brain injury from birth and can only focus within a few inches of her face. She had always wanted to play a video game, but there was no way she could share the experience with her family. Until the Wii U and New Super Luigi U. Now Jennifer can play on the Wii U's gamepad, while her family also plays on the TV. Woohoo!

Remember gamers -- be thankful for what you have. For some people, it's not as easy as simply picking up the controller and vegging out on the couch for a day. Arcade Sushi wants to welcome Jennifer to the wonderful world of gaming! Way to go, girl!