Gameplay of Valve’s upcoming title ‘Deadlock’ has reportedly been revealed.

According to Insider Gaming - who were provided with details of the project - the 6v6 third-person-hero-based-shooter is currently in the alpha stage, and has been descried as an “early development build with lots of experimental gameplay features and art assets.”

The outlet claimed the game would feature 19 heroes with separate combat mechanics, such as robots, magicians and other creatures - with each character fitting into a separate playstyle, like assassins, heavy fighters, ranged and healers.

‘Deadlock’ reportedly will be similar to Valve’s multiplayer battle arena franchise ‘Dota’, with Insider Gaming sharing gameplay would revolve around eliminating enemies and “creeps”, which would provide the player with the in-game currency of “souls”.

These “souls” can apparently be used to buy items that can make the heroes stronger.

The publisher admitted it didn’t know when ‘Deadlock’ would be launched, but theorised it could release at some point next year “based on its current state”.

The outlet also said previous leaks from industry insider GabeFollower were real.

According to the source, the upcoming title will feature a large map with four lanes players need to attack that have tower defence mechanics.

GabeFollower also claimed the game would utilise fast travel using floating rails “similar to ‘Bioshock Infinite’”.

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