Are you itching to see a glimpse of the upcoming Unreal Tournament running on the Unreal Engine 4? Then check out this new video from the UT team.

The video is only about one minute long, but features the first look we have at a round of Deathmatch running in Unreal Tournament. We meet members of the UT team like Senior Designer Nick Donaldson, Gameplay Programmer Matt Oelfke, Gameplay Programmer Joe Wilcox and Community Manager Stacey Conley as they speak about the game and how they're working to get it out to the public.

We're treated to a look at a very early test stage in which the devs are running around, trying to kill each other and rack up the most points. Only the guns and character models are rendered with any sort of detail while the environment and miscellaneous objects strewn about are grey and made out of rudimentary shapes. You can see a bit of Unreal Engine 4 being utilized as players hop around and crash into objects. Everything looks pretty promising at this stage.

You're invited to participate and provide feedback by joining the forums here and joining the Unreal Engine 4 community here.