Epic Games released a new Unreal Engine 4 demo showcasing the raw power of the next-gen engine.

A brand-new tech demo for Unreal Engine 4, dubbed "Infiltrator," was shown off at GDC last week. The footage is the second demo for Unreal 4 Epic has released. Like the "Elemental" demo, this new footage is all running in real time, and isn't rendered at all according to Epic.

While this second bit of footage is again not indicative of any particular game, there's certainly a lot to take in when considering the powers of Unreal Engine 4. From particle effects and destructable environments, to the incredibly realistic lighting effects and high dynamic range reflections, it's clear Epic isn't messing around with its next generation engine.

You can bask in the awesome that is the trailer below, and let us know what game franchise you'd like to see running on Unreal Engine 4 in the comments below.