Reports of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception's multiplayer being offered as a separate, free-to-play entity were confirmed on Tuesday.

The PlayStation Blog broke the news Tuesday afternoon, and revealed the first details on what going free-to-play would mean for Uncharted 3's multiplayer. The game will be available in the PlayStation Store, and will allow users to play for free all the way up to level 15.

Once players reach that plateau, they can continue playing for as long as they want, only without the benefits of being able to level up any further. All the experience earned beyond level 15 will be tracked, so if a player decides to pay for either the level 25 limit or the no level limit option, they can use all that XP to even the playing field.

All told there will be eight different pay options available. More maps, the ability to play co-op, and split-screen gaming will be offered as pay to play options. You can even unlock the full single-player game as well if you want to pay for it. Naughty Dog is also planning 40 more DLC drops to take place in the coming months.

It's an interesting prospect, and could be an omen of things to come on the PlayStation 4 front. What do you think of the decision to go free-to-play?

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