Gustavo Santaolalla's gorgeous and stringy original soundtrack for The Last of Us is being pressed for a vinyl release, and it goes on sale this week.

Mondo has announced it's releasing a deluxe 4XLP vinyl set of Naughty Dog's soundtrack for The Last of Us. This marks the first time Gustavo Santaolalla's amazing OST gets released on the vinyl format, 180 Gram Black vinyl to be exact. The Last of Us was featured on over 240 game of the year lists, and is considered one of the greatest horror games ever made. Fact Magazine listed The Last of Us' OST as the second best game soundtrack ever made. Santaolalla is an accomplished composer and musician, having won Oscars in 2006 and 2007 for the soundtracks of Brokeback Mountain and Babel. This is one LP set you don't want to pass up.

In terms of the vinyl release itself, you're going to get a four LP box set that is encased in a heavy duty slip case. The artwork featured on the vinyl set's cover is done by Olly Moss and Jay Shaw. That cover alone reflects the growing and twisted relationship of Joel and Ellie by the time we reach the ending of the game. One of the vinyls in this set is taken from the Left Behind downloadable content soundtrack.

The Last of Us' vinyl soundtrack will be available on June 22 for $75.

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