Capcom has divulged more information about its (hopefully), final update to Ultra Street Fighter 4: Omega Mode.

According to the Capcom-Unity Blog, the free Omega update is coming soon will give players access to the special mode and all 44 fighters. An outline of the Omega Edition's basic features reveal the following:

  • The Omega Edition will be available as an option under Edition Select, bringing to total number of editions to six.
  • The Red Focus and Ultra Combo Double Systems will not be included.
  • It will be available free of charge as an update.
The post also looks at a few of the character-specific changes and additions, such as Ryu's Hanagashi (Forward + HP + HK), which is a move that absorbs and attack and is similar to the parry system from Street Fighter III. After absorbing an attack, you can use the EX meter for a counter strike.
Check out the link above for more on the character changes.