Want Ken to throw diagonal Hadoukens with his feet? How about having Guile chain together Sonic Booms? You're in luck, because Ultra Street Fighter IV's upcoming Omega Mode will provide some much needed changes to the World Warriors.

Shoryuken reports that Capcom has unveiled a strange new game mode coming to Ultra Street Fighter IV in the form of (you guessed it) downloadable content. This new DLC is called Omega Mode. Obviously, Omega Mode would be paid downloadable content, otherwise Capcom would just patch it into the game and call it an update, but Capcom must keep on milking DLC money out of a fighting game that has been out for six years that has been re-released multiple times already (day one summer costume DLC anyone?).

Omega Mode changes up the roster by putting new twists on each characters' moves, techniques and specials. For example, Ken can throw Hadoukens with his feet at angles similar to Gouken's, Guile now has an Adon-like overhead kick and he can also chain together his Sonic Booms -- he can even slow them down and rush in as the projectile lands. We don't expect this mode to be accepted in any competitive or tournament settings, but it is a nice twist on things for those just wanting to have fun.

Ultra Street Fighter IV's Omega Mode will be separate from its Version 1.04 patch, which is coming out this October. This patch will update and adjust Cody, Decapre, Rolento as well as add a delayed wakeup option for the Training Mode Dummy. It will also improve online connectivity for PC matches. Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on this game-changing mode once more information is available.

One thing Capcom will never change was how bad Akuma whooped M. Bison with that Raging Demon during his debut in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.