The "Wild Costumes" for Ultra Street Fighter IV are now available. Can you dress up your fave fighters as animals? SHOR-YU-KEN!

Capcom community manager Peter "ComboFiend" Rosas posted the trailer above to the Capcom Unity blog, heralding the arrival of the Wild Costumes that were previewed a few weeks ago. Now that patch 1.04 has gone live, you can live out you furriest fighting fantasies by dressing up the World Warriors in costumes that make them look like turtles, cats, chameleons and more.

While the idea might be interesting and novel, the handful of comments on the page reveal that the vocal minority find the costumes to be pretty divisive. If nothing else, the costumes will definitely add some spectacle to online matches, especially for players who have grown tired of the same visuals for the last several years of playing Street Fighter IV.

The World Warriors look wild, but are they the Best Video Game Mans at Karate?