Teenage Mutant Ninja Honda, Dopey Dog Dudley and Thundercat Sagat are just some of the new Wild costumes coming to Ultra Street Fighter IV Version 1.04.

Capcom community manager, Peter "Combofiend" Rosas, has revealed everything that will be included in Ultra Street Fighter IV's 1.04 update. This update lets you pick any version of your favorite character from any version of Street Fighter IV and play any other kind. There are icons on the screen to let you know what version of the character you are fighting. That's right, Arcade Edition Yun vs. Vanilla SFIV Sagat. There are new training mode trials as well as many character balancing updates. Omega Mode Online will let you take all those new special attacks to multiplayer.

Of course, there are also the Wild costumes. While no release date is set for this new patch, we have a feeling it will be coming soon to all versions of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

If you lose to Dopey Dog Dudley, it's game over: