Ubisoft’s reveal of Rainbow Six: Siege was shocking for several reasons. Of course, the trailer dropped jaws at the media briefing by showing an incredible-looking game that hadn’t been on anyone’s radar prior to E3, but the real shock was that the trailer wasn’t for a sequel to Beyond Good & Evil.

The absence of any info on the hotly anticipated sequel to one of the PS2’s most beloved games was glaring, and while Ubi’s final reveal of the night was impressive, it left many wondering if Beyond Good & Evil had been forgotten. In an interview with IGN, Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot reassured gamers that the company is still working on BG&E as well as another classic Ubisoft property, Prince of Persia.

When asked about the future of the franchises, Guillemot reasserted the company’s commitment to both, stating, "We are not going to stop those properties. We are going to work on them. The teams are really looking at what we can come with. I think you will really like what you see in the future.” Guillemot noted that while Ubisoft is definitely working on the projects, we shouldn't expect to see either on shelves any time soon, adding, “It could take some time to make sure we are really delivering what we want."

Finally, IGN asked Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat about Prince of Persia. Mallat coyly stated, "We have nothing to discuss at this time,” but also revealed that he had recently had lunch with series creator Jordan Mechner.

The nonappearance of Beyond Good & Evil at E3 was certainly disappointing, and while Prince of Persia has been off the radar for a while, a teaser for a new entry in that franchise would have been exciting, too. It’s good to hear that neither series has been forgotten, though, and we’re hopeful that Ubisoft will have updates on both by next year’s E3, if not sooner.