For close to 30 years players have been endlessly creating rows of squares with irregular shapes in Tetris, the highly addictive Russian puzzle game from Alexey Pajitnov. (Just by reading that line, you're humming the Tetris theme in your head now, without even realizing it.) Ubisoft has big plans for the game's 30th anniversary, announcing Tetris Ultimate for the new generation of consoles.

The game will feature six different modes - Marathon, Battle, Power-Up Battle, Ultra, Endless and Spirit - all of which will be playable by up to four people at a time. More details about the game will be revealed at E3, but a quick teaser trailer has surfaced showing off some of the new Tetris insanity that Ultimate plans to unleash of all of us.

Those attending E3 next week will get the chance to meet the mind behind the madness, as Alexey Pajitnov himself will be signing autographs and meeting the public at the Ubisoft booth from 2:00PM to 3:00PM on June 10. He will also demo the game for attendees, allowing for a chance to see Tetris being played by the man himself.

Tetris Ultimate will be available for Xbox One and PS4 this summer, with a PC release following suit in the fall. No word yet if the new Tetris will launch for portable systems or Nintendo's Wii U.