Two new characters have joined the 'Tekken 8' cast.

Reina and Victor Chevalier have both been added to the roster of the video game, and Kohei Ikeda - a director at Bandai Namco Studios - has given fans an insight into the new characters.

In a PlayStation blog, Kohei explained: "We’re happy to reveal two fighters joining Tekken 8’s roster: Reina, who employs an acrobatic fighting style rooted in Taido, and Victor Chevalier, who utilizes super spy-style CQB in combat. In this PS Blog post, we’ll dive into the design and story backgrounds of both.

"Reina was a character conceived during Tekken 7’s story development a decade ago. She plays a vital role in Tekken 8’s story, The Dark Awakens.

"Despite her fashionable and charming appearance, she exudes a charismatic sense of evil, reflecting her character’s duality in both personality and fighting style."

Meanwhile, Victor has been described as a "living legend in the French military".

Kohei added: "During his time in the Navy, he carried out numerous dangerous missions. He successfully returned, all while displaying the quirks of being an extreme penny-pincher and having a flamboyant history of romantic relationships with more partners than one can count.

"He left behind various anecdotes in different countries. Driven by his aspiration to save more people, he eventually assumed the role of the commander of the UN’s forces and decided to lead from the front lines in battle."

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