One of the most popular live streaming video platforms in the world has just shattered its single day viewer record by covering E3 2014.

Twitch has announced that it has broken its single day unique viewer record with its live broadcast of the first day of E3 2014, which took place on June 9. On June 9, Xbox, EA, Ubisoft and PlayStation each held a major press conference, making many announcements and showcasing a multitude of game trailers along the way. Throughout the first day of E3 2014 alone, Twitch had 5.9 million unique viewers.

Twitch's statistical breakdown of viewership during its E3 2014 broadcasts include the awe-inspiring fact that over 12 million unique viewers used the website throughout all four days of the expo.

In addition to these amazing numbers, Twitch was able to raise over $185,000 for charity with its E3 Digital Ticket offerings at Humble Bumble.

Finally, Twitch has announced it won two Guinness World Records last week. First, Twitch became the record holder for the most participants in a single-player online video game with 1,165,140 users who helped play Pokemon Red from start to finish from Feb. 12 to March 1. It also became the world record holder for the most concurrent viewers for a video game live streaming service with 826,778 users on March 15.