Twitch and Microsoft have been hard at work developing an easier to use app for Xbox One owners.

Over on Xbox Wire, Microsoft detailed all the changes coming to Twitch to make the experience more immersive and personal than ever before. With the updated app you can now search through advanced options to get to the stream that you specifically want to see. You no longer have to view the most viewed or most recent stream. Instead, you can delve deeper into the game you are looking to watch to see which streamer is right for you. For example, if you're tired of the big Call of Duty personalities that have a lot of viewers, but aren't the best players, you can now instead search for "Multiplayer K/D Ratio" to make sure you're watching the best of the best, even if that person doesn't necessarily have the most followers.

These new search options make streaming Twitch through your Xbox One specific to the viewer as well as super easy. Archived video are another new feature where you can watch videos that a streamer has saved to his/her Twitch account even if he/she is not streaming. The app also has a new option where you can follow a specific game instead of just following specific streamers. If you want to watch Minecraft to your hearts content, have at it.

If you're an avid Twitch watcher, go update your app now so that you can get the best viewing experience.