The multitude of chaotic fans from Twitch Plays Pokemon can call themselves Pokemon Masters after finally catching all original 151 original Pocket Monsters since it debuted last year.

For those who don't remember, Twitch Plays Pokemon is an amazing social experiment that started more than a year ago which tasked Twitch viewers to all contribute in playing Pokemon Red together via the streaming site's chat room. The video was programmed to scan every button command that users would type into the chat, whether it was a direction or face button, and implement it into the game. This means that every random input from the chat would happen to the game, resulting in Pokemon Red's main character acting out in all sorts of crazy ways. Giving away your starter Pokemon, ridiculous names filled with typos and walking in circles have all happened multiple times throughout the various incarnations of Twitch Plays Pokemon. Surprisingly, the masses at Twitch have cleared many of the major Pokemon titles so far, beating the Elite Four of every game, despite how ridiculously impossible that sounds.

Now, Twitch Plays Pokemon has reached another major achievement: catching all 151 of Pokemon Red's original list of Pocket Monsters. The 20 minute video above (courtesy of Polygon) shows just how ludicrous things are and gives us some appreciation as to how difficult and time-consuming it must have been for the fans of the series to stay with this Twitch stream to finally catch Mewtwo. Words cannot express how insanely awesome that kind of achievement is. Surprisingly, Mewtwo was caught with a Great Ball, which we didn't think was possible. Bravo Twitch fans, bravo.

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