Sony recently announced that it was going to be selling limited edition 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4's and well, it sure did sell them. That bodes well for resellers and poorly for your wallets.

With only 12,300 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4's ever created, Sony didn't have a hard time selling out of the consoles. In fact, Gamer Headlines reports that the elusive special edition console sold out within only an hour of being up for sale.

Although the estimated ship date on Sony's site says that the console won't even be headed out to its consumers until Dec. 22, people have already started auctioning off the console on eBay. For a console that originally only sold for $499.99, the profit these eBay sellers are making off their PlayStation 4's is pretty incredible. The first bidding war ended at $15,100--basically enough to buy yourself a decent car.

When asked about the purchase, the eBay seller, technologysupps, responded and said, "Money is in the bank. Sent him an eBay invoice with the grand total and was paid immediately via PayPal. No questions, doubts or anything." The seller went on to say that he/she surmises that if the PlayStations are selling for such an astronomical price mere hours after the console sold out on Sony's website, in the next few years the price will do nothing but rise.

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