Everyone loves turtles! Who doesn't like seeing a turtle swim in a pond, or race a rabbit and win in the end? We all do! Which is why Turtles, Huh? makes for a great free app of the day!

Turtles, Huh? is a cute game for kids of all ages. It consists of one main game and eight mini-games. You can play as Turtle or Penguin. With 88 missions and 40 different achievements, you'll be playing for hours as you upgrade your equipment and try to collect all of the Turtle Balls. Turtle balls?

With a recent update that improved the performance and fixed some bugs, you'll be having a great time with this cartoony title. Not just because it's a cute game, but because it's a cute, FREE game!

Click to download Turtles, Huh? for your iPhone. Hurry! It's free for a limited time.