McFarlane Toys might have been best known for its sports and Spawn figures before Halo 3 came out, but with the acquisition of Microsoft's flagship franchise, the company exploded into the gaming scene. Now, McFarlane reps Halo to an insane degree and has expanded to a successful partnership with Ubisoft and the Assassin's Creed franchise.

There was a lot of Walking Dead and Sports Picks figures on display at Toy Fair, but there were more than a few new additions to McFarlane's growing gaming library. The third series of Assassin's Creed figures was out and about, and we finally got to see the Aveline de Grandpre in prototype form. Joining her in the September-shipping wave will be Edward in Mayan armor, Adelwale, Connor with a mohawk (sans hood) and a mystery fifth figure with no name placard was also on display. Each looked pretty good, and based on the first two salvos of figures from the series, these upcoming assassins should make fans pretty happy.

While Halo has been a staple of McFarlane's for years, there weren't many new additions to the line at Toy Fair this year. Master Chief will be getting two new iterations though, with one based on his look in the Halo 5 teaser and the other based on Halo 2. Now, that a new Halo 2 Chief is on the way might stoke the flames that Halo 2: Anniversary Edition is happening, but McFarlane has been doing variations on Chief for some time now, so it's not out of the ordinary to see multiple versions on shelves at once. It was tough to see what was so different about Halo 5 Chief considering he was cloaked in his... cloak. That said, this line shows no signs of slowing down, and Halo fans will likely gobble both of these up as soon as they're available.

There's been a lot of focus on Rabbids lately, what with animated series and upcoming animated movie making headlines, so McFarlane will continue forward with even more of the zany androgynous animals. More blind bag minis will be coming, but the big draw will be the new Silly Swaps. The larger Rabbids include interchangeable accessories so kids can "dress" them up however they see fit. The pirate, robot and super hero versions should be out later this year.