Good Smile has long been a favorite of collectible importers here in the States. The company's line of Nendoroids and Figmas are among some of the most desirable at specialty shops, and Good Smile's penchant for dipping into obscure properties (at least in the U.S.) has always made devout fans happy. However, this year, Good Smile is continuing its trend of bringing big time properties to life with new additions from Nintendo and Konami.

Both the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Link Nendoroid and Luigi Nendoroid had been previously announced, but neither have been released here yet. Luigi is due out this summer, and comes with a nice set of accessories (a Goomba, a pipe, Bullet Bill, and some dust clouds). Luigi often gets the shaft compared to his more well-known brother, but Good Smile's figure is definitely one Nintendo fans will be happy with, even if it isn't to scale with Bandai's upcoming Mario Figuarts collectible.

The same could be said of little toon Link, which joins Good Smile's Figma Link from Skyward Sword as the first real Zelda figures to come stateside in quite a few years. We don't know much about what Nendoroid Link will be coming with, but on display he was conducting with his baton. It's likely he'll feature a shield and sword, but it's not clear just what additions will make it into the final package just yet. Link doesn't have a firm release date either, but considering his appearance at Toy Fair, he'll probably be available later this year.

We've already gotten Figmas for Samus and Link, but down the road a bit, Good Smile will be tackling some more terrifying video game characters. Both the Nurse and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 will join the growing ranks of Good Smiles heavily-articulated line. Neither figure was shown off in sculpted form at the show, but there were some concept images available. It would have been nice to see just how large the Pyramid Head figure was in relation to others like Link or Samus, but given the quality of the line, we're optimistic the end product will be something longtime Silent Hill fans will be happy with.

There were plenty of statues on display, too, but only a few haven't already seen release. The massive Bayonetta statue, based on the original game, arrived late last year and might still be available at select specialty shops if you're in dire need of a high-kicking witch statue. Still to come though is the Tiki statue from Dragon's Crown. The little fairy wasn't a playable character, but her design was easily one of the least controversial from Atlus' side-scrolling action RPG. She's been recreated rather faithfully, and her base of a bag of coins is a nice touch. Dragon's Crown didn't exactly light the sales charts on fire, but Vanillaware's art style still manages to impress even when recreated in three dimensions.