After negative reaction to the tone of torture scenes in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Ubisoft Toronto has decided to remove them.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist producer Andrew Wilson discussed some changes coming to the sequel with Eurogamer. Chief among the adjustments being made to the game is the removal of the more uncomfortably violent interrogations showcased during the E3 2012 demo of Blacklist. Though Wilson defended the choice to show off a more action-intensive sequence during E3, even he agreed some mature content needed to be toned down.

"The first thing I'd say about that is that possibly there was missing context - and in an unabridged snapshot, it seemed like pretty tough material," said Wilson. "We've scaled a lot of that back, and as we've gone through the process of development there are always things that you feel are not working as well. Every game does this, and cuts certain things."

Asked if that meant the torture would be taken out of the game entirely, Wilson replied, "Definitely we are not going to see when the game's coming out that there are torture scenes in it. That scene is not there any more. I've not really heard anyone say they loved it..."

It's probably a good thing Ubi rethought the sequence, but what do you think? Was removing torture sequences the right idea?