Get your first look at the Wii U version of Splinter Cell: Blacklist in motion with a brand new trailer.

The first details about the unique GamePad controls for Blacklist on the Wii U popped up earlier on Monday, but now we can see how the game will play differently on Nintendo's console. Ubisoft is including a variety of different controls and mechanics to make use of Nintendo's tablet/controller, and seeing them in use here certainly gives this version of Blacklist its own identity.

Just how worthwhile it will be to fly the tri-rotor drone with motion controls, or to pan around the physical room you're in to simulate scanning with a hidden camera, remains to be seen. The Wii U could use more developers attempting to get use out of the GamePad beyond a map overlay or item management system, and for what it's worth, that's a sentiment Ubisoft seems to share.

Check out the footage below, and let us know if you want to play Splinter Cell: Blacklist on the Wii U now that you know more about it.

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