BradyGames is unleashing some new strategy products to help Tomb Raider players traverse the wilds of Yamatai Island and get Lara through the experience unscathed. Well ... unscathed-ish.

BradyGames will have gamers raiding their new strategy guides and products that are set to accompany Lara's origin story! They're offering a Tomb Raider Signature Series and Limited Edition strategy guide that should be hitting store shelves soon, as well as some digital versions.

The Signature Series will feature the following:

  • Downloadable Content in the form of a code to unlock the Scavenger Executioner for use in Multiplayer.
  • A walkthrough that includes locations and tips for completing challenges.
  • Maps that point out the details in every area.
  • Tactics for Multiplayer and tips for loadouts.
  • Tips to help players get 100% completion.

The Limited Edition features the following:

  • A custom-designed 1.5" painted metal replica of Lara's amulet.
  • Codes that unlock the Scavenger Scout and Scavenger Executioner for use in Multiplayer.
  • A premium hardcover with a "superior gloss-finish" and all of the strategic content found in the Signature Series.

Multi-Touch Digital Strategy Guide will include:

  • Embedded videos that help with puzzle-solving.
  • Interactive area maps that pinpoint all of the goodies in the game.
  • Expandable screenshots.
  • Swipe controls to move through the chapters.
  • Search and bookmark features, which let you save your spot in the guide.
  • Compatible iPad 2 devices and above.

And then there's also an Interactive Map App that points out all of the collectibes and tracks your progress in the game.

BradyGames seems to have all bases covered when it comes to helping players survive Tomb Raider. Will you be employing their strategic services on your journey to Yamatai Island? Let us know in the comments section!