Watch the Contagion and Outbreak-esque story of Tom Clancy's The Division unfold in this dark trailer focusing on a horrific epidemic plaguing New York.

This story trailer for The Division sets the tone for Tom Clancy's dark tale. "They said it was just the flu… But it turned out to be something else entirely…” The Division takes place in a quarantined New York where there are a collection of unfortunate people still within the city limits who haven't succumbed to disease. With the military and police gone, bandits and looters aplenty have taken over the city. There are also plenty of innocent folks just trying to survive within the city limits who are prey to these nefarious sort. As a special agent, it's up to you and your squadron to set up a survivor's camp, save the innocent and ward off any would-be threats.

Tom Clancy's The Division will launch in March 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Pre-ordering The Division will get you access to its upcoming online beta. Xbox One players are supposedly getting access to the beta first in Dec. 2015. Ubisoft announced that there are two different versions of The Division coming out. The Gold Version includes the exclusive National Guard Gear Set and a Season Pass for the game's upcoming DLC. The Collector's Edition will feature the same bonuses as well as an array of physical goodies as well. Pre-ordering the game will also score you the Hazmat Gear DLC.

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