This amazing depiction of the Titanic sinking in Unreal Engine 4 will have you begging, "render me like one of your French girls."

Titanic: Honor & Glory is an Indiegogo project looking to recreate the doomed maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic entirely in Unreal Engine 4, and based on this sinking test released on YouTube recently (courtesy of Kotaku), we'd say they're on the right track. The four and a half minute video shows how water fills up the interior of the ship, moving deck chairs around and eventually filling up the Grand Staircase itself. It's an interesting and frightening look into one of the most tragic events in human history, and it may be the first time in a long that the general public will be able to get a glimpse at what happened aboard the ill-fated ship.

While watching a boat sink may not sound too interesting to most video game enthusiasts out there, the Indiegogo page promises more than just a boat sinking simulator in its new game. The game will have two playable modes: free roam, where you can enjoy everything the ship has to offer and a story mode, which is described as the game's creators as "the player must live in the confines of 1912 society and work to clear his name of horrible crimes, for which the police are chasing him. In the end, as the vessel begins to sink in real-time, the player must work to finish his mission before it is too late."

History buffs might enjoy the free roam mode, but that story mode is where the fun is going to lie if Titanic: Honor and Glory does launch successfully. It won't be the first game to tell a story on the Titanic, but if the story plays out just right it might become the best. As long as there's no cheesy love story, paintings of French girls, or Leonardo Dicaprio on the Titanic this time around, we'll be happy to check it out. Bill Paxton, of course, is still welcome.