Three former developers for Angry Birds have officially launched a new studio today called Boomlagoon. The studio, based in Helsinki, will join Rovio and other game making ventures in the burgeoning Finnish mobile games scene.

Antti Stén, Tuomas Erikoinen and Ilkka Halila, the three Angry Birds alums, originally announced the creation of Boomlagoon back in April 2012. Despite the official launch of the studio today, they have yet to release any information on what might be their first game, but instead indicate that it will be "world class".

There's certainly no shortage of talent here, so it's safe to assume that whatever they've got cooking will be well thought out. Hopefully the time they are taking is a good indication of a design philosophy that puts quality over quantity.

It would be unfortunate if Boomlagoon tried to force-feed a mediocre game on the market and just ride the coattails of the Rovio connection. We'd rather be kept in the dark and then play a great game as a result. We will be sure to keep you updated on this new studio and when they let us know anything more about what they have planned.

Do you think their first game will be the next Angry Birds? Let us know in the comments.