The Maniac Mansion makers are at it again with Thimbleweed Park, and they have reached their Kickstarter goal for their new classic adventure-themed game.

"Ever wonder what it would be like to play a classic adventure game the day it came out and experience all the surprise and charm for the very first time? Wonder no more!" the developers state in the introduction to Thimbleweed Park on Kickstarter. It seems that enough people did wonder, because the game not only reached, but surpassed its funding goal. "I don't think I've ever rewritten an update or blog post as much as I have this one. I am at a loss for words. The support has been overwhelming and it's making us giddy," the two wrote in an update to acknowledge all the 10,000 wonderful backers that made the game possible.

If you want to see Gary and Ron doing a happy dance, you can head over to their acknowledgement post which also gives you the opportunity to donate further. There are still 23 days to go as of this writing, with plenty of stretch goals left to meet as well.