Iridium Studios is here to bring its fans a game that basically defines the word 'futuristic' -- in There Came an Echo you can completely control the game with just your voice.

Above, you can check out a video that Iridium Studios put out for its new game, There Came an Echo, where players have to control the game with only their voice. Talk about taking command, this game completely adjusts to the way that you talk and carries your commands out instantaneously. If you mess up and tell one of the characters to do something that they're already doing, the game even talks back to you. Talk about sassy. "Who do you think I'm shooting at?" Grace asks the player that told her to shoot at an enemy that she was, in fact, already shooting at.

But the intricacies of this game don't stop there. If you want to, you can change around the dialogue for things that you're more likely to say so that it's not a struggle to make your commands understood. We don't know the specifics yet, but it seems as though you could change a command such as "shoot that group" to "shoot 'em up" or whatever you would actually say to a group of your soldiers. You can also change their names so if you got a little tired of Grace's smart mouth, you could giver her a more appropriate designation depending on your mood.

The game looks pretty exciting and it now finally has a release date of Feb. 24, when you can find it on Steam for $19.99.