Wesley Crusher helms this indie, voice-controlled, real-time strategy title coming out on Xbox One.

The Official Xbox Magazine reports that the indie developer Iridium is now a part of the ID@Xbox program. Iridium was the team responsible for the rhythm and role-playing game Sequence on Xbox Live Indie Games. Iridium's first title for the Xbox One will be the squadron-based RTS, There Came an Echo. Echo includes a group of soldiers (which includes actor Wil Wheaton), that must navigate through levels where you use over 500 voice commands in order to get the job done.

Iridium estimates that the game is only about 20% complete, estimating that June would be around the time they'd reach 50% completion of the game's development. Without any delays, this would mean we can expect this RTS on our Xbox One systems sometime in the fall or late 2014.